Action Commitment Analyzer

Action Commitment Analyzer
© Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Leaders can be aided in their efforts to move to actions that produce results in a collaborative setting if they make powerful, public commitments and follow-up on those commitments.

Furthermore, the more these commitments meet the criteria for High Action and High Alignment as presented in the Theory of Aligned Contributions by Jolie Bain Pillsbury, the more likely they are to lead to results.

The Action Commitment Analyzer is a macro-based Microsoft Excel workbook that was originally written for research at the University of Maryland at College Park under the direction of Victoria Goddard-Truitt.


Use the buttons below to download the Excel Workbook and/or view three 15 minute movies about the use.

The movies are:

Introduction and Basic Features
  • Overview of the Workbook
  • Basic Input
  • Form Input
  • OS-X versus WINDOWS
  • Rebuild Reports

Advanced Features - Part 1

  • The output graphs and charts
  • Editing the charts and graphs
  • Copy and Paste Charts in Word or PowerPoint

Advanced Features - Part 2

  • Copy from and to Workbooks
  • Update Commitments
  • Pivot Table

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