Focus On Trust

Focus on Trust: A Prerequisite for Creating Results
© Raj Chawla

Work is about creating results together. It can be a very complex challenge (both technical and adaptive) to align everyone’s contribution so that the work creates the agreed upon result. There are many elements required to create success towards a result. One element – trust – is often overlooked until it is broken or shaken. To be effective at creating results a leader has to have the ability to generate, maintain, and repair trust.

Trust is the necessary predisposition for coordinated action. It is required for high alignment among and between groups of people committed to creating a result together. This APP is based on ideas from Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life by Solomon and Flores and includes:

  • How do I Trust?
  • Trust as a Choice
  • Trust Breakdowns
  • Trust Repair Strategies

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