RBF Self Asssesment Tool
© Jolie Bain Pilllsbury

This Macro-based, Excel Workbook, is an electronic version of the combined RBF Competency Assessment and Individual Development Plan found at the end of Results Based Facilitation: Book 1 - Foundation Skills and Results Based Facilitation: Book 2  -  Advanced Skills.  Using data to improve practice and coaching of RBF skills are helpful in attaining mastery, especially if done in the context of your own skill assessment and development. Take a moment to self-assess your skill level for each of the 22 RBF skills and then develop your own IDP.



This workbook will allow you to assess your skill level and display it graphically. Your IDP for each skill will be catpured and presented in a single table. The Macros in the workbook are used to navigate from competency to competency (Excel worsheet to worksheet). It is possible to use the workbook without enabling the Macros. In this case, the user naviagtes clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the workbook.

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