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The individual APPS are available as shareware for your personal use. If you find them useful and, especially, if you use them in your work with others, we would appreciate hearing from you about they worked and your ideas for improvement. If you are so inclined, CONTACT US.

We have found these APPS work best when printed in color, two-sided, on medium weight paper (28#). Wallet sized cards are also available for each APP in the RBL-APP kit.

The TOAC pamphlet, the RBF Primer, and RBF Workbook, and a full RBL-APP kit are available for purchase. Follow the links below to order.

Accountability Pathway

Action Commitment Analyzer

Adaptive Leadership for Results

Acknowledge - Rephrase - Explore

All in One 3R Agenda

Annotated Agenda Template and Tips for Filling It

Circle of Conflict - Adapted

Coaching Tools to Help Leaders Create Results

Collaborative Work Cycle

Countering Work Avoidance

Creating the Container - 2nd Edition

Critical Incident Analysis

Focusing on Trust

High Action/High Alignment

HAHA Assessment Tool

Journey Mapping

Leadership Benchmarking

MBTI Awareness at Person-Role-System Level

Powerful Requests

Proposal Based Decision Making

RBF in Organizational DNA

RBF Introduction

RBF Book One - Foundation Skills

RBF Book Two - Advanced Skills

RBF Participant Guide

RBF Competenency Assessment Tool

Reflective Practice

Situation, Behavior, Impact

Ten Conversations

Theory of Aligned Contribution

The Z-Model