Ten Conversations: Creating Alignment and Action
© Raj Chawla and Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Aligned contributions occur when leaders work together to take effective action that is complementary, mutually supportive, and leveraged to produce measurable improvement in a result.

High Action/High Alignment is only possible if you and those you want to work with seek to achieve a common result that cannot be achieved alone.

    • Example of conversations for Moving Towards High Alignment


      Possible ways to start the conversation



      This is what is important to me and what I want to do with you…
      What is important to you?
      What matters to you?
      What do you want to do together?


      I’m not satisfied with our level of commitment and I’d like us to talk about it.
      I’d like to hear what you value about our working together?
      How can we build a cohesive working relationship



      What a successful outcome for each of us? What are our conditions of satisfaction for our work together?


      What can we create together? What is possible? What are the different options? What is open to us? What is our true potential? What haven’t we considered?

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